MiniMailer 2 Plus
Fitted with 2 automatic feed stations, the PFE
Minimailer 2 Plus answers the increasing
demand for sophisticated mailing in a
compact package. Small and stylish, it is an
advanced desk-top folding and inserting
machine, with the ability to cope with a wide
variety of applications quickly and efficiently.
Now, even many complex manual mailing
applications can be automated, with
simplicity, freeing up staff and saving you
MiniMailer 4 Plus
Based on the ground breaking Minimailer
Range, PFE International is proud to
introduce the Minimailer 4 Plus. Never has a
desktop folding and inserting system been
more advanced, bringing a new level of
automation with its unique Stack 'n' Go
feature. Capable of processing a wide variety
of applications quickly and efficiently, the
small and stylish system offers total flexibility
with its two, three and four station options.
MaxiMailer series
PFE's Maximailer System brings a new level
of productivity and efficiency to the mail room,
with cycling speeds of up to 4,500 per hour.
The Maximailer can be configured to almost
any application, from a single document, up
to a highly sophisticated multi-station
installation, offering 1-9 station capability.

The graphical display and operating
software, guide you simply through creating
and running the most complex of
applications, even allowing the document
containing the address to be at any station.

The Maximailer is a highly flexible system,
designed and engineered for performance,
reliability and exceptional value.
AutoMailer 5 series
The Automailer 5 offers total flexibility in mail
processing from a few hundred letters per
day right up to high monthly volumes. Almost
any system configuration is available, from a
simple 2 station machine to a highly
sophisticated 16 station installation using all
PFE's technical experience... and at a fraction
of the cost of other Production

Automatic document security system
Wide range of envelope sizes
Versatile folding styles including 3 plate
Easy reloading and unloading of stationery
High capacity paper and insert feeders
High speed insertion rate
Touch Screen Operating System
Up to 16 stations
FlatMailer series
PFE FlatMailer... the complete large format
inserter. Perfect for inserting booklets,
catalogs or even specialty items, the
FlatMailer accommodates a variety of paper
sizes, shapes and envelopes.
Optional components include collate units
and a booklet feeder. Collate units can be
configured to add from six to twenty bins of
collating capacity and include both double
document detection and misfeed sensors in
each collate bin to ensure smooth and
continuous machine operation.
The machine can accommodate hand-fed
materials. When this function is utilized, the
machine automatically adjusts to the speed
insert items are fed into the machine.
The PFE FlatMailer continues the tradition of
excellence you expect from PFE... flexible,
quality, easy-to-use paper handling
equipment for today's office.
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MiniMailer 2 Plus

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MaxiMailer series

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FlatMailer series
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